DGP large diameter plastic pipe hredder

 Product introduction :

DGP large diameter plastic pipe s hredder was developed in patents by our company for recycling irregular plastic pipes. It is the leading machinery in this field in China.

The common processing steps include feeding the waste pipes by lifter into the tank, the end of the pipe was tightened by the thruster, pushed in a certain speed, the crash starts while the head of the pipe meets the two knives, the cutted materials fell on the below sharp reamer, it was smashed and come out from griddle network. The sucking system take the crashed materials to whirlwind collect box, ten it was packaged. The Whole course is simple, automatic, easy to control. The dust sucking device was installed. 

Screw push incising device will be installed when the pipe material has a thick cliff. The crash will be easily effected without mush noise.


Production flow :


1. axis support  2.axis cover  3.revolution chain wheel  

4.principal axis   5.running box of principal axis   6.smash knives holder

7.elementary crash motor  8.reducer   9. fine crash motor   

10.knife position   11. fine crash  holder   12.bolt network

13. wind connector   14.the crashed materials  15.protect feeding tank

16. supporter  17.gas moving holder


Technical parameters :

Power (33.9Kw)


elementary crash system


Dust sucking system


main unit


fine crash system



gas moving

protect feeding parts 


hold forwarding


screw cutting


feeding system