PP, PE Waste Film washing line

1.Application :

This equipment mainly aims at shredding, washing and granulating of packing film, daily preservative film, low-density LDPE and high-density HDPE, as well as PET film.

2.Production process:

PE film is send to shredder equably by preheating cleaning machine, shredded into around 80mm, then enters friction washer (second washing). While in high-temperature boiler, oil impurities of PE material are separated and PE material flow into depositing box with water and are washed constantly by the effect of wheels in depositing box. Then it is send into centrifuger by net conveyor. After centrifugal dewatering, material is send into pipe drier through blower, then into collecting bin by cyclone separation, then into two-step extrusion granulating machine through flat belt feeding system.