Waste Tyre Recycling Production Line

1.Product introduction:

Presently, waste tire recycling equipment provided by our domestic competitors usually can produce 20-40 meshe rubber powder under normal temperature. However, low capacity and overusing of energy generate huge cost on production. Developed countries, such as Canada, a dopt liquid nitrogen freezing technique to freeze used tires at temperature of-180-160°C, then smash them with hammer-crusher or roller-crusher to make the steel wire and fibers apart from broken rubber blocks quickly. This technique requires too much liquid nitrogen and is too costly. The good news is that this set of waste tire recycling machinery manufactured by Raidsant Universal has possessed a lot of advantages that provide our investors potential business opportunities. At the same time, the investment can help the environment better protected by stopping more waste tires from being misused.

Whole tyre cutting machine--- rough shredder---medium shredder---magnetic machine---fine shredder---fiber separator------grinder------air separator---packing platform 

2.Production flow:
3.Technology and characteristics:

a. Steel-extracting machine:the steel wire is separated from the tire pieces through hydraudic pressure mechanical power.

b. Rough shredder:The tyre which has been removed out the steel wire is shreded into blocks about 50mm-100mm. Then they are transported into medium shredder for further procces by converyrr.

c. Meduim shredder: the function of the rough shredder is further cutting the tyre blocks into 10-20mm granules.

d. Magnetic separator : magnetic separator which is used for removing steel wire from discharge port of all medium shredders if there is any steel wire remaining in tire blocks or granules, it will separate the blocks again and returns them to smashing room and till wires are removed fully. Meanwhile it does not affect the fine shredder's working .

e. Fine shredder: The new-brand explosion-proof structural design, uncreasingly inject the nitrogen during the work process, because the temperature is increasing unceasingly. Simultaneously, this machine shredder the material to 3-4mm.

f. Double class powder grinder: grind 3-4mm granules into 40-80 mesh rubber powder.

g. Fiber separator : create air eddy and separate rubber granules from fiber then according to your requirements classify the rubber powder from 40 to 80 meshes.

h. Packing platform: realize packing as certain qualitity according to customer's requirement.